Monday 4 August 2014

Pet Shop of Horrors

  Pet shop of horrors is a story about a person named "Count D" (care taker) that help sells super rare species of pets in China town. It is base of a fantasy world. Those rare pets he sells it's very dangerous and exotic. But mostly those people that wants to purchase his pets always have a tragic passed memories or having some kind of personal problem. 

  There is one story scene that I would like to share, it happen on chapter one of the story that titled "Daughter". A rich couple that have lost their only daughter due to tragic reasons, they heard about the Pet shop in China town and they went there for a visit. Count D (care taker) led them to a room and pull out a white rabbit, but the rabbit that the rich couple sees is their daughter. 
  They was surprised and call her name "Alice", unfortunately that rabbit isn't their beloved daughter. After they bring the little rabbit back home and started to take care of her. One day, the rabbit want to eat some cookies/sweets but the care taker have mention that they must not feed her any cookies/sweets. 

 >> a picture of how Alice looks like
  The stubborn mother saw her sad faced daughter and said " just one will do". After she ate that cookie she went mad and feel sick instantly. Few minutes later, all hell broke lose. She died in front of them and small babies started to burst open from her dead body. Slowly they kill the rich couple and the babies started to change into rabbits and slowly one by one dies off.

                     >> The above is how the babies looks like.

  Some how the care taker have his rules for the customers to follow, if they did not follow the rules they are in a big trouble.
 Pet shop of horror is a Japanese manga/anime that created by Matsuri Akino(1995-1998). I was inspired by his work/arts. He is one creative person back then and a unique way of creating such awesome animals and his story lines is very good (reflect to human's daily lifes).

  I get the most inspired part is how the artiest created the animals. They are just a common animals but he created his own characteristic of animal design to form into a human being. When ever I read the manga/anime I was able to generate ideas on some horror scenes about the animals and the way they act.

This teachers me about imaginary have no limits to it. Be more brave and daring to use our imaginary side of your brain. It can be very useful to created a wonderful and unique stories and ideas.
"Do not limit yourself in your own imagination."


  1. Girls her like Alice in wonderland.
    Her like like little mermaid

  2. Girls her like Alice in wonderland.
    Her like like little mermaid

  3. i love petshop of horror too! I first watched the first four episode in TV some 20+ years ago ( elementary days ) and from then on, I went crazy at the art style and the story. Three years ago, I read the rest of the story in manga in the Internet. ( Thank You Internet! )