Sunday 17 August 2014

A Cats Diary

This whole blog will be about a lot of stray cats. During secondary or college time, I found out that I have a very weird way/habit that is taking picture of stray cats. 

Cat is also my favorite animal but its too sad that none of m family members like cats so I can't keep them. Taking picture of them makes me happy and joy because I can see so many different types of color, eyes, fur, behavior and more.

I really enjoyed taking pictures of them, the second thing is that I can use any devices to take the cats pictures. Some times they are hard to capture but some is very easy-going cat that let you take their pictures. I seriously love cats alot.

There is one day a stray cat sneak into my house and start to stare at my rabbit, I was shock because I didn't hear it came in. I feed it eat and drink. This cat is a very nice and friendly cat, it's really stray but I couldn't keep it that is the sad part. I really wish to have cat as a pet someday. 

Can say making such diary is inspired by my friend likes how she always take good and unique pictures and make them into a very wonderful dairy. I will continue this cat dairy till the end of my days. Who wouldn't love such adorable and nasty little creature.

My sweet furry Family members (PETS)

A Pet to me is known as one of my family member , because I will take care of them and love them like I love and take care of my own family members. I currently have two types of pets leaving with me is a dog and a rabbit.

My dog name is Rocky, this name was given by me because of its fluffy color fur. Rocky's breed is shih tzu mix with normal dog. Rocky's grandma named Marry is my previous pet but she had a cancer my dad decided to give her away is to avoid us from seeing her suffer. Rocky is now a 9 year old dog, his birthday is on the 1st January 2005. 

Rocky's characteristic is joyful, playful, caring, always get excited, easily get confuse and also hyper-active 24/7. He likes to sleep, jump on people's leg, lick people's leg, smell everything and eat.

Rocky favorite thing in the world is his cloth and his teddy bear, this two items is when rocky was still a puppy I give it to him so now this two things is very precious to him.

The things that he likes to do is when you are not paying attention to him, he will start to jumping up to your leg or either sit on whatever thing you doing. When there is a thunder storm, he will automatically crawl in front of you and hide.  

During bathing time, he is this cute *lol~always this fluffy when blow dry*

I will start to help Rocky to do some mini photoshoot because I love to keep a memorable photos. Sometimes is also when I was bored or get some inspirational thoughts about cosplaying.

 Rocky is a special dog and he is the only dog that sleep indoors. He always like to sleep next to me, very time when I wake up I always felt the fluffyness of his fur. It's actually a good feeling, I really like it so much.

When Rocky's birthday comes, I will buy lots of snack for him.


The second pet was a rabbit. It's name is called Cotton. I bought cotton is at a pet shop in Johor. He is the only one rabbit in the cage so I decided to bring him home and love him as a family member. Lucky Cotton will get along with Rocky very well. Cotton birthday is set on the day I bought him back that is o 2nd February 2014. 

The things that Cotton likes is paper/newspaper, rabbit food , dry grass and wire. He is quite big size right now, but he still won't listen to me....sad....The worst thing is that he always bite things like newspaper or wire to bite when people is not looking.Having them is the best thing/decision that I made in my life. Now they are part of my life and my family. I will continue loving them all the way.

In addition , this is known and scientific proven that a pet or animal can help to make your mood better and will distress us. Also there are the best mendicant when you are having a hard time or down. 

Saturday 16 August 2014

The Death of Robin Williams (R.I.P)

Robin McLaurin Williams's death is very shocking and heart breaking to me, because he is my most favorite top comedian back then is when I was in the age of 5. The movies that I watch when I was 5 is Disney's Aladdin.

  Robin William is the voice actor for the Genie, back then when genie appear from the animated movie I will start 

 laughing and felt the happyness through his voice. It is a 
 memorable animated movie, I always watch this movie with my family and we always start laughing and enjoys all his comedy movies. 

  The second movie was
Mrs. Doubtfire, this movie is the funniest movie and also teach us about love for the family, a short summary for this movie was a father that have 3 kids and a wife, but his wife thinks that he was immature, irresponsible and also have an unstable job. One day his wife lost it and told him that she wanted to have a divorce and also he can't see his 3 kids anymore, he deiced to turn himself into "Mrs.Doubfire" a nanny just to see and protect this kids again. After the long journey as the nanny, he soon realized that he can change and be a more responsible father and husband, his 3 kids also got use and came to like Mrs.Doubfire. When his cover is blown, he's wife and kids was shocked and soon after they accepted him back as a father and a good husband. This is one touching movie but there is also lots of funny scene.

  The 3rd movie is called Jumanji, this movie is my all time favorite when I was 10 years old because of the adventure and the thrilling story in it. The whole movie is about a board game that comes to life. Why is it my all time favorite? The story goes when a young boy Alan (Robin Williams) was trap in a board game for 25 years which he plays the board game together with a little girl name Sarah and after a 25 later, there is two kids that brought him back. They have to finish the board game so that they can have a normal life back. This is a very wonderful and fantastic movie even though the computer graphic wasn't that good, but it came out a award winning movie! :D  In this movie we can learn about, courage, bravery, love,caring and supporting each other along the way. In the end was also very touching >w< 

  The fourth movie that I love is Flubber. This story is about a scientist named "Professor Philip Brainard" (Robin Williams)  that happens to make a multipurpose and  rubber/jelly. That jelly-like-rubber came to life. It changes his life and make a more wonderful life. Its also more to a family related movie. The ending was touching and funny.


Last but not list, was the movie called "Patch Adams".. This movie was shown in astro after the death of Robin Williams. This movie I saw with my dad, this is my 1st time watching this movie of his. It is a very happy yet comes with sadness too. During the sad part I was tearing away because of knowing that Robin Williams have left us. This is more to a touching story about a person named Hunter "Patch", he was send in a metal hospital after knowing that the people in there still can be cure , after that situation he decides that he wants to be a doctor to cure and help all the sick or people who in needs of treatment.The ending of this movie is that he help all the patients that couldn't afford to pay or to see a doctor and build a huge house just to treat all the people who in needs.

Robin Williams is a very wonderful and kind person, he brings many joy to others and to me. The cause of his death is shocking to me is because of his depression. I felt sad knowing that depression is what that causes this wonderful man's life. All I can say was that he will be missed and R.I.P , We will remember him and all his doings, he make us happy all the time and we couldn't do anything in return all we can do is pray for him and place him in your hearts. We love you Robin Williams.

Monday 4 August 2014

Inspire by BL00DS4_PA1NTS

This is my first time I got inspired on instagram :D
The user name is "BL00DS4_PA1NTS" not really sure his real name ;w; 
He got his own tumblr :
*Do check his artworks out at tumblr*

The part that I got inspired was, the "Detailed" that apply on all his art works.


  He take his time on getting all the details in his art works. It's very inspiring for me and makes me want draw more like him. As you can see, adding more detailed elements on the artwork can make the art piece turning into a more stand-out image.

  Next was he has patient to draw the details one by one. The duration on his comment shows how much time and days that he took to almost complete his art.

  After I got inspired, I take my time to draw some detailed artworks. Some took me only few hours, I'm still not use to extending my artworks too long if not I will forget it or lazy (depends on the situation).

Hopefully I can obtain and improve more on applying the details on to my own art.//cries....

Anime Can Drinks test!!

There are some Japanese can drinks that I have spotted and tasted such as Pocari Sweat, C.C lemon and Coke. Pocari sweat and C.C lemon can be found/bought in Daiso outlet.

Pocari sweat is spotted from the famous anime called "Kuroko no Basuke"(basketball theme) and "FREE!"(swimming theme).

  >> FREE!_Character Matsuoka Rin

<<Kuroko no basuke_character Kuroko Tetsuya
  This energy can drink, I have tried once. It doesn't taste that good. It's too sweet and also not gassy. I thought it would taste like 100plus , but it's not....//sad.....

  Next is the C.C Lemon can drink.
This can drink is found in the opening theme of the anime "Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wa Mada Shiranai". This can drink is from Suntory, in the anime most characters will buy this can drink in a vending machine. 

  C.C lemon can drink is not bad. It's super sour but refreshing. The taste is better compare with Pocari sweat. This can drink also have produce into candy type.

  Lastly is the ever famous can soda drink in Malaysia. That is Coke. Now coke brand also can be found in Japanese animation too. It is found in this anime called "Kagerou project". 

>> Character_ Kisaragi Shintaro 
  You can try it if you want to. It can easily found in Daiso or Cold storage.

Mostly I got inspired by the famous anime to try out their drinks. Some looks good in the anime but it taste horrible after you have try it, some is ok.
Next will try out the Japanese sweets/candies.