Monday 4 August 2014

Inspire by BL00DS4_PA1NTS

This is my first time I got inspired on instagram :D
The user name is "BL00DS4_PA1NTS" not really sure his real name ;w; 
He got his own tumblr :
*Do check his artworks out at tumblr*

The part that I got inspired was, the "Detailed" that apply on all his art works.


  He take his time on getting all the details in his art works. It's very inspiring for me and makes me want draw more like him. As you can see, adding more detailed elements on the artwork can make the art piece turning into a more stand-out image.

  Next was he has patient to draw the details one by one. The duration on his comment shows how much time and days that he took to almost complete his art.

  After I got inspired, I take my time to draw some detailed artworks. Some took me only few hours, I'm still not use to extending my artworks too long if not I will forget it or lazy (depends on the situation).

Hopefully I can obtain and improve more on applying the details on to my own art.//cries....


  1. Next time i will waiting for your details in your drawing, and u can do it>W<b

    1. OMG! hahaha I didn't think got ppl will leave comments XDD
      OK LUUUU ;w; hope can do it la Orz........