Monday 4 August 2014

Anime Can Drinks test!!

There are some Japanese can drinks that I have spotted and tasted such as Pocari Sweat, C.C lemon and Coke. Pocari sweat and C.C lemon can be found/bought in Daiso outlet.

Pocari sweat is spotted from the famous anime called "Kuroko no Basuke"(basketball theme) and "FREE!"(swimming theme).

  >> FREE!_Character Matsuoka Rin

<<Kuroko no basuke_character Kuroko Tetsuya
  This energy can drink, I have tried once. It doesn't taste that good. It's too sweet and also not gassy. I thought it would taste like 100plus , but it's not....//sad.....

  Next is the C.C Lemon can drink.
This can drink is found in the opening theme of the anime "Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wa Mada Shiranai". This can drink is from Suntory, in the anime most characters will buy this can drink in a vending machine. 

  C.C lemon can drink is not bad. It's super sour but refreshing. The taste is better compare with Pocari sweat. This can drink also have produce into candy type.

  Lastly is the ever famous can soda drink in Malaysia. That is Coke. Now coke brand also can be found in Japanese animation too. It is found in this anime called "Kagerou project". 

>> Character_ Kisaragi Shintaro 
  You can try it if you want to. It can easily found in Daiso or Cold storage.

Mostly I got inspired by the famous anime to try out their drinks. Some looks good in the anime but it taste horrible after you have try it, some is ok.
Next will try out the Japanese sweets/candies.

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