Sunday 17 August 2014

A Cats Diary

This whole blog will be about a lot of stray cats. During secondary or college time, I found out that I have a very weird way/habit that is taking picture of stray cats. 

Cat is also my favorite animal but its too sad that none of m family members like cats so I can't keep them. Taking picture of them makes me happy and joy because I can see so many different types of color, eyes, fur, behavior and more.

I really enjoyed taking pictures of them, the second thing is that I can use any devices to take the cats pictures. Some times they are hard to capture but some is very easy-going cat that let you take their pictures. I seriously love cats alot.

There is one day a stray cat sneak into my house and start to stare at my rabbit, I was shock because I didn't hear it came in. I feed it eat and drink. This cat is a very nice and friendly cat, it's really stray but I couldn't keep it that is the sad part. I really wish to have cat as a pet someday. 

Can say making such diary is inspired by my friend likes how she always take good and unique pictures and make them into a very wonderful dairy. I will continue this cat dairy till the end of my days. Who wouldn't love such adorable and nasty little creature.

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