Sunday 17 August 2014

My sweet furry Family members (PETS)

A Pet to me is known as one of my family member , because I will take care of them and love them like I love and take care of my own family members. I currently have two types of pets leaving with me is a dog and a rabbit.

My dog name is Rocky, this name was given by me because of its fluffy color fur. Rocky's breed is shih tzu mix with normal dog. Rocky's grandma named Marry is my previous pet but she had a cancer my dad decided to give her away is to avoid us from seeing her suffer. Rocky is now a 9 year old dog, his birthday is on the 1st January 2005. 

Rocky's characteristic is joyful, playful, caring, always get excited, easily get confuse and also hyper-active 24/7. He likes to sleep, jump on people's leg, lick people's leg, smell everything and eat.

Rocky favorite thing in the world is his cloth and his teddy bear, this two items is when rocky was still a puppy I give it to him so now this two things is very precious to him.

The things that he likes to do is when you are not paying attention to him, he will start to jumping up to your leg or either sit on whatever thing you doing. When there is a thunder storm, he will automatically crawl in front of you and hide.  

During bathing time, he is this cute *lol~always this fluffy when blow dry*

I will start to help Rocky to do some mini photoshoot because I love to keep a memorable photos. Sometimes is also when I was bored or get some inspirational thoughts about cosplaying.

 Rocky is a special dog and he is the only dog that sleep indoors. He always like to sleep next to me, very time when I wake up I always felt the fluffyness of his fur. It's actually a good feeling, I really like it so much.

When Rocky's birthday comes, I will buy lots of snack for him.


The second pet was a rabbit. It's name is called Cotton. I bought cotton is at a pet shop in Johor. He is the only one rabbit in the cage so I decided to bring him home and love him as a family member. Lucky Cotton will get along with Rocky very well. Cotton birthday is set on the day I bought him back that is o 2nd February 2014. 

The things that Cotton likes is paper/newspaper, rabbit food , dry grass and wire. He is quite big size right now, but he still won't listen to me....sad....The worst thing is that he always bite things like newspaper or wire to bite when people is not looking.Having them is the best thing/decision that I made in my life. Now they are part of my life and my family. I will continue loving them all the way.

In addition , this is known and scientific proven that a pet or animal can help to make your mood better and will distress us. Also there are the best mendicant when you are having a hard time or down. 

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