Friday 18 July 2014

Climbing the highest Mountain in Asia

  My cousin side of the family have been invited to contribute themselves in a hiking charity event that was well planed last year ago. This hiking charity event was held in Sabah, Kota Kinabalu. To help in this hiking charity event, we got to hike in the jungle and also climb the highest mountain in South East Asia, aka Mountain Kota Kinabalu. The one that inspired me to go for the trip is one of my youngest cousin. The event started from 12 - 16 July 2014. I just got back from the 5 days trip in Sabah. I would like to write about how my youngest cousin inspire me to go for this trip and how it reflected me before and after the trip.

  The way my youngest cousin inspire me was her activeness in attending sports. Hiking is consider a sport. Before we went for the real hiking for the charity, my cousin will call me out for training on every sunday morning. She will start to train me and give me some advice on how to start hiking or what to do after entering the jungle. After the few weeks of training I feel more and more active towards hiking in the jungle and won't feel lazy. I also will feel my activeness towards the upcoming hiking charity event.

  The second thing was that my youngest cousin did to inspire me was that her bravery and her full of stamina. During the hiking journey, we have to be brave when encountering the wild life suroundings and also we need our full stamina to survive it. My youngest cousin is not only smaller size then me but also the fasters hiker in her family. But she is kind enough to wait the slowest hiker like me, I'm sooooo happyyyyyy :D  Her bravery really inspire me to go on the trip and face all the natures and also train a lot to have the stamina that I really need for the trip.

  Third was her strength that inspire me. As said she is a very small size girl, she is a very strong one that can climb all the way up and still have the time to run around. I was inspired to have those strength so I also train hard in the gym to have the same strength as her to climb all the way up to the top. While hiking, we also need the strength all the way up. It's not easy as you think.

  During the days in Kota Kinabalu, the inspiration from my young cousin has gotten into me. When I was at the staring point that is from Mesilau starting point, I got nervous but later on when I think back how brave and calm my young cousin was, I did the same thing and try to keep myself calm. During the 6km journey to Laban Rata where we are suppose to stay and rest there, but after hiking till 3.5km my tank of strength is already empty and I starting to get very tired and have no energy left. Later on, my young cousin cheered me up and keep me going on and on till I can't no more. Even though I was super tired I did push myself to the top of Laban Rata thanks to my young cousin. I really can't do it without her. Her braveness is used when the bad weather hits us on the way to the top, it was raining heavily. The rocks and the soil was all soggy and slippery, the air was so cold that your uncover part of your body will turn numb. During that down pour, every inch of my body was shaking the wind was blowing super strong. While climbing the last 2km up to the hut, the rain water that touches the rocks make the whole journey up to the hut became more and more difficult. It seems I was climbing up a waterfall, I did slip a few times on the slippery rocks but after seeing my youngest cousin climb up without fear, I keep trying and trying even I slipped and almost fall I can't be afraid about falling down and give up I had to be brave and face the hard moments and I kept telling/remind myself be brave like my cousin and keep on going. When I believe I can then I really can do it. After the exhausted climb to the top of Laban Rata, we finally can rest and enjoy a cup of hot tea. 


  After we had rest for at least 6hours, we had to climb the Low's Peak Summit. Everyone is super tired but since we are here, we must push our self to finish this. We have to start hiking all the way up at 2.30am, everyone is tired, cold and muscle pain.

  When we started hiking, the road to the peak is very dark even though you have a head lap with you. I was scared and tired, my youngest cousin told me that "after you have reach the top, all your hard work will finally pay off! and stop siting around!"  And that is where I really got inspired by my youngest cousin's bravery and strong spirit. Once we reach to a certain level of the mountain where there's not much trees but mostly rocks, that means we are just starting to climb the mountain. It is very difficult to climb from that level because we have to use rope and our arm strength to pull us all the way up.

 >>An amazing view from the mountain.

  After all the struggling up the mountain, we have finally reached the Sayat-Sayat hut. There is where they record your names and proceed to the Low's Peak Summit. During the journey to the highest peak, we had to stick together because there's a huge mist and it's very hard to see the place where you need to place your foot and hands. We took approximately 5hours to reach the Low's Peak Summit!!! Once we reach there we felt very emotional and happy, it felt like "We are finally here as one family!" But we have to rush down because if we stayed there too long we will freeze. So we had to rush down as quick as possible. After a long walk back to the Laban Rata, we had to get down the mountain to catch our bus that leaves at 4pm. It's so rush for us to go back and we are super tired, our body can't take it no more.

  Finally we were lucky to catch our last bus back to the hotel
, after all the hard work and struggling we have paid off by getting two colored certificate for the attempt of hiking all the way up to the Low's Peak Summit. All is worth it! The inspiration of my youngest cousin helped me to realize that with bravery, strength, stamina and activeness, I can accomplish the hardest thing in life.

  All my youngest cousin inspirational that have been reflected on me was, if there is another charity event like this I would love to participate so that I can help myself to be stronger and also help others that is in need.

  In a nut shell, it's not easy to accomplish such a difficult task but if you think you can do it, then YOU CAN DO IT! :D Fully motivated by my youngest cousin.

>> The picture that we have really accomplished this hiking charity together and took your certificate :D


"There are no limits in life!!"


Wednesday 9 July 2014

Alpaca or Llama?

What is Alpaca and Llama? Well, in short Alpaca is almost the same with Llama. The only thing is Alpaca a bit shorter then Llama and fluffier. They originally are from South America but now they have gone world wide. Other countries also breeding this adorable creatures. Not many people will know about Alpaca but they know about Llama, because the term Llama is mostly used.

I like Alpaca most is because it is very cute and smaller size compare to Llama. The way that this animal inspire me is that they are a very kind and gentle creature. It makes me want to learn more about them. They stay in groups or herd and also they always stays together as one family. This action inspired me to be more close to my family the closer the better. 

The fluffiness and it's face expression is the first thing that let me fall in love with it. The fluffiness of this wonderful creature inspired me in my artworks. Such as it make me want to draw my art more with fluffy textures and also the cuteness expiration that they make. Alpaca also been breed for a reason, that is for their fiber fur. The fur of an alpaca is comfortable and warm. 

Their small but a brave creature, a herd of alpaca can defend or attack predators with their front feet and kick. Their bravery inspired me by even though such a small size yet harmless creature can be brave and stood up to their predators to fight back or attack them. Is the same thing for human nature, if a big size bully that is bullying a small size victim, there will be a group of small size people will help defend that other small victim and take down the big bully together. 

Next was the innocent eyes of an alpaca. Their eyes are very beautiful. Why does the eyes inspire me? It's because of the innocent look of it. This also will inspire me in my artworks. When other people see this kind of innocent eyes their heart will melt right away, when you apply this to your artwork it will do the same to the viewers. That is why their eyes inspired me to draw a more innocent look and also help me make a better and cuter version in my characters. 

Alpaca is a very friendly creature too. This inspired me be a more friendly person, get close with your friends and always lend a helping hand. Be more open minded to very thing. I just really wish that majority of the people in this word will be more friendly to others. 

The things that one alpaca can inspire me to do ;w;
My obsession of Alpaca is getting worst.....

I hung a really adorable palm-size alpaca in my car, it can make me happy by hang on in my car and it will swing here and there while I drive.

There are arts of Alpaca that inspire me a lot and make me want to draw more of alpaca.

The below arts are not drawn by me :D

Here's my inspired art by an Alpaca. 

I also make a drawing and coloring video about - how to draw an Alpaca :D Link : >>

Thursday 3 July 2014

The Fun world of my Cosplay

  Cosplay is known as a japanese culture and also started from Japan. Cosplay is the short term of "Costume play" in such a favourite character in an anime show/series. At first, I thought cosplay is a waste of time and also ridiculous ;w;.....But after my friend introduced me to cosplay, it became a fun thing to do for me. My friend was the one who inspire me to cosplay during my secondary school. I started cosplaying since 2009 till now and I really enjoyed it.

>>The one in the right side is the person that inspire me in Cosplay (since 2009)

>> She is the one on the left side (2013 picture)
We do looks like we have change a lot from the year 2009 to 2013 (but we are still the same).

  Cosplay is a hobby to me, how does it really inspire me is that cosplay can teach me how to do makeup(since I'm a tom-boy way back then, I hate to apply such chemical on my face) but now makeup is fun for me. After that I can also learn know to sew clothes and make handmade props and etc. There are also a lot of benefit about cosplay such as during events you can meet new friends with the same interest as you have. Everyone I meet in the event are friendly and fun to chat with.

Cosplayer : Me as Singeki no Kyojin_SKN ( Levi)

  Cosplay is very in right now a days, it's been known in all around the world even in Malaysia. The second thing in cosplay can inspire me is that the famous and awesome cosplayer such as Reika Arikawa, Kaname, Sakuya and many more :D They are super awesome and also they are like my cosplay Idol after I join in the cosplay world <3

Cosplayer : Reika Arikawa (Jap)

Cosplayer : Onnies (Thai)
 Cosplayer :  Kaname (Jap)

Cosplayer : Sakuya (Jap)

Cosplayer : Touga (Jap)

  During my days in cosplay I learn alot of things example like communicating with others during and after events. I also build my confidence though it all. I can have alots of fun with my cosplayer's friends and non-cosplayer's friends. For all the people that likes anime can try out the cosplay world. I didn't regret about starting to cosplay because it is really a life changing experience to me.Even though Cosplay can be quite time wasting and also spend a lot of money for it but I had a lot of fun doing it and also the best thing is that my family members doesn't stop me from Cosplaying :D I am very HAPPY for that.

Cosplay can also let me learn some photoshooting skills and experience. Because some of my cosplayer friends will request me for a photoshoot section. Therefore, we can learn so much more from the cosplayer world.